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Victor Schmitt-Bush is a HubSpot-certified content marketing professional with a can-do attitude and an entrepreneurial spirit.


With over four years of journalism and writing experience under his belt, he has written high-quality content for several clients and companies across the board, catching the eye of companies who have made remarkable connections, such as Assuaged, Inc; a vegan-based company partnered with their advisor, Billionaire Jeff Hoffman, who is Chairman of the Global Entrepreneurship Network.

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Victor has shown to be a team player in many of the content and social media projects at Assuaged.

-Tyquon Jackson

Victor is a master at his craft, weaving magic with each word.

-Ruchika Anand

He holds the innate ability to drive real results through his work deliverables.

-Cynthia Murphy

Niche Focus

Mental Health






Victor has a wide range of expertise in content creation and copy editing, including news-based journalism, biography writing, landing page creation, content marketing, and much more.

Victor is particularly skilled in the mental health, entrepreneurship and mindfulness niche.

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